2019-03-09 2188

HR8003BARO High Precision Atmosphere Gauge

HR8003BARO is high precision digital atmosphere gauge, with build-in digital pressure sensor, with ···

2019-03-09 2121

HRDP4200A/P Micro Differential Pressure Transmitter

HRDP4200A/P Low Differential Pressure Transmitter uses sensitive chips and special high-performance ···

2019-03-09 2266

Hr3051-dgp /DAP differential pressure mounted gauge pressure transmitter

The HR3051-DGP/DAP Bracket Installation Gauge/Absolute Pressure Transmitter is used for level densit···

2019-03-09 2070

HRSF7500 series Ultrasonic Flowmeter / Cold/heat Meter

Ultrasonic water meter technical features: 1 measurement accuracy: level 2 2 working power: 3.6V / 1···

2019-03-09 2168

HREF7100 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

HREF7100 Intelligent Electromagnetic Flowmeter is designed and manufactured with the most advanced d···

2019-03-09 2157

HR.FSL-1 Radar Velocity Meter

HR.FSL-1 is a velocity measuring instrument using microwave technology which can be used with water···

2019-03-09 2077

HR6200 Plug-in Temperature Transmitter

HR6200 plug-in temperature transmitter uses imported temperature sensor, which could transform RS485···

2019-03-09 2156

HR6100 input digital temperature transmitter

HR6100 submersible temperature transmitter uses imported temperature sensor as sensing elementwhich ···