HR7311 Radar Water Level Gauge

HR7311 is a small-scale, low-power radar water (liquid) level meter that can be used for non-contact liquid level measurement of surface (or pipeline) water; HR7311 adopts pulse coherent radar (PCR) technology, using 60G millimeter radar waves as carrier signals, and achieves millimeter level measurement accuracy through complex signal recognition algorithms.

The optimized wave cancellation filter design makes the measurement results more accurate and stable. Compared to traditional pulse radar level gauges, they have higher measurement accuracy, lower power consumption, and ultra-small volume; It is a cost-effective radar level gauge and during measurement cannot be affected by temperature gradients, air pressure, water vapor, water pollutants, and sediment .

A 60GHz range detector based on the working principle of microwave radar.

Continuous pulse detection, stable operation of 24/7, measurement error less than ± 5mm.

High-end signal processing technology can adapt well to water surface fluctuations and further avoid errors

Non-contact detection, good directivity, low transmission loss, and wide application range.

Patch antenna (40 °× 80 °), with a lens the size can be (11 °× 11 °).

Approximately 10 measurements per second, effectively eliminating the effects of surface waves and instrument vibrations

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Technical Parameters

Main Performance Specification

Transmission Frequency


Transmission Power



Antenna Type *

Anttane-on-chip(with lens) 11°× 11°

Working Voltage

+7~28V  DC

Working Current

12V working voltage supply

Working Current under Working Mode ≤ 15mA

Working Current under Low-Consumption (Sleep) Mode0.3mA

Communication Interface *


Data Format

9600Default,8,n,1Adjustable baud rate

Response Time

100 ~ 5000msdefault 5000ms

Measurement Interval

1 ~ 480mindefault 1min

Measurement Accuracy


Measurement Range






Protective Grade


Housing Material

Front cover: POM, rear cover:aluminum alloy

Related parameters

Dimensional structure(Unit:mm)


Application Fields

The product is mainly used for on-site water level data collection. The collected data can be transmitted to the upper computer or server through a communication interface and wireless device. Therefore, this product is often used as a measuring terminal for remote monitoring systems.

The product has low-consumption and is very energy-efficient. It can be powered by solar energy when continuously detecting in the field.


1) For water level monitoring of rivers, lakes and other natural waters, a monitoring network will be established through monitoring points to achieve linkage early warning in flood season.

2) Water level monitoring in reservoirs, sewage channels, and other storage areas for internal operation regulation.

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