2019-03-09 2722

HR3051-DP Differential Pressure Transmitter

The HR3051-DP differential pressure transmitter measures the level density pressure and flow of a li···

2019-03-09 2785

HRTU8101 GPRS/GSM Micro-power Measurement Terminal

HRTU8101 GPRS/GSM Micro-power Measurement Terminal is a water-proof measurement and controlling devi···

2019-03-09 4458

HR8833-Three parameters recorder

HR8833 is a three-parameter (water level water temperature conductivity)integrated pressure water le···

2019-03-07 2752

With display hersman connector pressure transmitter

The intelligent digital indicator is connected to the transmitter with RS485 via the input and outpu···

2019-03-06 4399

HR8066/67 High Precision Static Level for Settlement Monitoring

HR8066/67 high-precision static force level is applied for high requirement of vertical displacement···

2019-03-03 4519

HR8003 pressure water level gauge

HR8003 water level transmitter is one kind of pressure water level gauge which is used for measuring···

2023-09-27 68

HRLT-3 Chained Temperature Transmitter

HRLT-3 chained temperature transmitter provides multi-point continuous temperature measurement. With···

2023-09-27 86

HR7320 Hand-held Radio(Radar)Velocity Meter

HR7320 Hand-held Radio(Radar)Velocity Meter