2019-03-06 4399

HR8066/67 High Precision Static Level for Settlement Monitoring

HR8066/67 high-precision static force level is applied for high requirement of vertical displacement···

2019-03-03 4519

HR8003 pressure water level gauge

HR8003 water level transmitter is one kind of pressure water level gauge which is used for measuring···

2023-09-26 65

HR7311 Radar Water Level Gauge

Dimensional structure(Unit:mm)Application FieldsThe product is mainly used for on-site water level d···

2023-09-26 64

HR7310 Radar Water Level Gauge

Dimensional structureⅥ.Application Fields√ Hydro-logical survey of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc√ L···

2023-09-26 71

HR730 Series 80GHz Radar Level Meter

The HR730 series Radar 80GHz Level Meter refers to the products which work at a frequency modulated ···

2019-03-11 2010

HR9210 magnetic float level gauge

The HR9210 magnetic float liquid level transmitter is a measuring instrument that reflects the measu···

2019-03-11 2173

HR9200 magnetostriction level gauge

HR9200 magnetostrictive level transmitter is a new generation product developed by us using magnetos···

2019-03-06 2087

HR9100T - type ultrasonic level gauge

High precision: The patented acoustic wave technology of our company makes the accuracy of the ultra···