2023-09-27 139

HR8180 Micro Power Consumption RTU

HR8180 RTU adopts high-performance lithium battery power supply, with instrument data acquisition, e···

2023-09-26 106

HR7311 Radar Water Level Gauge

Dimensional structure(Unit:mm)Application FieldsThe product is mainly used for on-site water level d···

2023-09-26 125

HR7310 Radar Water Level Gauge

Dimensional structureⅥ.Application Fields√ Hydro-logical survey of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc√ L···

2023-09-26 136

HR730 Series 80GHz Radar Level Meter

The HR730 series Radar 80GHz Level Meter refers to the products which work at a frequency modulated ···

2023-09-20 121


This flow mater has three functions: measuring the average flow rate, measuring the water depth, mea···

2023-09-20 98

HR4000 Multi-parameter Water Quality Transmitter

Structuredrawing:1 – Protection shell2 – Sensor cleaning brush3 – Sensor electrodes4 – Sensor base5 ···

2023-09-20 117

HR7360 Radar Flow Meter

This open canal flow meter is composed of radar flow meter, radar water level meter. The flow meter ···