2019-03-09 2200

HR310 Series Digital Pressure Transmitter

HR310 series digital pressure transmitter use top quality pressure components with mixed signal proc···

2019-03-09 2134

HR320 Series Intelligence Pressure Transmitter

HR320 series intelligence pressure transmitter uses top quality pressure components with mixed signa···

2019-03-09 2038

HR3210 Micro-power Pressure Transmitter

HR3210 series lower power pressure transmitter is produced especially to measure liquid pressure in ···

2019-03-09 2157

HR3288 HART Smart Pressure Transmitter

The HR3288 protocol Smart Pressure Transmitter is a high-precision, high-stability, multi-parameter,···

2019-03-09 2137

HR3051-GP/AP Gauge Pressure Transmitter

The HR3051-GP/AP Gauge/Absolute Transmitter is used to measure the liquid level density and pressure···

2019-03-09 2041

HR3051-LAP/LGP Absolute Pressure Remote Transmitter

The membrane box of the remote transmitter is used to prevent the medium in the pipeline from direct···

2019-03-09 2201

HR8003BARO High Precision Atmosphere Gauge

HR8003BARO is high precision digital atmosphere gauge, with build-in digital pressure sensor, with ···