HR3288 HART Smart Pressure Transmitter

The HR3288 protocol Smart Pressure Transmitter is a high-precision, high-stability, multi-parameter, four and a half digits LCD display  for intelligent pressure measurement products.  It conforms to HART protocol. The users could manage, adjust or monitor the process variables by HART communicator, and it could also be configurated by key-press at local working place.
The pressure transmitter uses the most advanced digital technique, temperature compensation, linearity correction and reliable ex-proof construction for production. pressure transmitter has high accuracy, wider temperature compensation range and standard signal output to measure flow pressure precisely. 

The product works in a two-wire mode and can be directly replaced analog two-wire 4mA-20mA DC output transmitter. Digital communication with manual operator. Electromagnetic radiation fits IEC801 standard.

Digital error correction

Local key operation, easy configuration

Anti-surge, electromagnetic interference

Local and long-distance zero, range adjustment

Digital compensation and non-linearity correction

Reverse power protection, over voltage protection

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Technical Parameters

Main performance indicators




4~20mA:±0.25%(typ.), ±0.5% F·S(max.)

HART protocol:±0.1%

Long-term stability


Overload capability

1.5X F·S



Pressure type

Gauge pressure (atmospheric reference), absolute pressure, gauge pressure (sealed reference)

Temperature characteristics

Compensation temperature


Operating temperature


Zero temperature drift


F. S temperature drift


Storage temperature


Electrical characteristics

Power supply

DC12~30V ( typ. 24V)

Power protection

Anti-reverse connection, over voltage protection

Output method

Two-wire system 4~20mA,4~20mA+HART(Optional)

LCD display + three buttons


0~32 second

Structural characteristics

Measuring medium

Compatible with stainless steel and fluoro rubber

Pressure interface


Housing material

316L stainless steel

Cable material

Polyurethane or PVC optional

Environmental characteristics

Protection level


Explosion-proof grade

ExiaⅡC T6




20g, 20~5000Hz


20g, 11ms


Related parameters


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