Small motor manufacturing industry's three major directions

The small motor manufacturing industry is developing in the direction of scale, standardization and automation, while the large and medium-sized motor manufacturing industry is developing in the direction of increasing single-unit capacity and requiring specialization, diversification and customization. At the same time, energy efficiency is also the development trend of the entire industry.

Resources are concentrated in advantageous enterprises

The technical level determines the level of profit and the number of competitors. From the perspective of the entire motor industry, the average profit level is U-shaped, and the number of competitors is inverted U-shaped. At present, the motor industry is highly market-oriented, and the number of motor companies is large. The entire industry is in the process of integration and optimization. Micro-motors and large-scale motors, including some special motors, are at the highest end of the entire U-shaped curve due to high technical difficulty, large initial investment, and high technical threshold. The average profit level is high and the number of competitors is small; small power motors and small motors The medium-sized motor is in the middle of the entire U-shaped curve, with a large number of competitors and a low average profit level.

The single-unit capacity of products continues to increase with the gradual increase of the scale of modern industrial production.

The matching production equipment is also developing towards integration, large-scale and large-scale, and the motor power of dragging large-scale mechanical equipment is also increasing. High-voltage, high-capacity, high-performance motors become the most important. direction. For large-scale AC and DC motors for various rolling mills, power station auxiliary machines, blast furnace fans, railway traction, rail transit, ship power, pumps for drainage and irrigation, the capacity of single machines is constantly expanding and the variety is increasing. This has also prompted motor manufacturers to move closer to the high-voltage large and medium-sized motor industry to improve their competitiveness.

Specialization, specialization, personalization

With the continuous development of the motor industry, the extension and connotation of motor products are also expanding. Motor products are widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, coal, mining, building materials, papermaking, municipal, water conservancy, shipbuilding, port loading and unloading. The versatility of the motor is gradually developing in the direction of speciality, breaking the situation that the same motor used in different load types and different use occasions. The motor is developing in the direction of speciality, speciality and individuality. 

Many domestic motor companies are also transforming into specialized enterprises, such as coal mine motor factories, explosion-proof motor factories, and micro-electric motor factories. Whether enterprises have non-standardized and customized adaptability is an important aspect to measure the future development potential of an enterprise.
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